Salon Maintenance Items

  • Bracket for Spray Bottles

    Bracket for Spray Bottles

    Secure Hold, Easy to Mount, Durable

  • Valu-Check 3 Pack Bottles

    Valu-Check 3 Pack Bottles

    Improves Safety, Saves Money, Less Fatigue, Durable, 24 oz. & 32 oz. available

  • Wet N’ Dry Lobby Pan

    Wet N’ Dry Lobby Pan

    Better Performance, Easy-to-Use, Versatile, Convenient, Durable.

  • Plastic Lobby Broom

    Plastic Lobby Broom

    Rugged, Collects More Debris, 8"W x 36"H.

  • Box Rack for Disposable Gloves

    Box Rack for Disposable Gloves

    Universal Fit, Durable.

  • Wet Floor Sign

    Wet Floor Sign

    High Visibility, Durable, in English and Spanish - Saves Time and Money.

  • Soakit Absorbent

    Soakit Absorbent

    Easy-to-Use, Environmentally Friendly, Odor Management, Residue-Free.