Restroom Supplies

  • Tissue Dispensers

    Tissue Dispensers

    Durable, Versatile, Saves Money, 18 Gauge Chrome.

  • Sanitary Napkin Receptacle & Liners

    Sanitary Napkin Receptacle & Liners

    Improves Safety, Durable, Improves Sanitation.

  • Deluxe Bowl Mop

    Deluxe Bowl Mop

    Easy-to-Use, Better Performance, Durable, Acid Resistant Fiber.

  • EZ-Wring Cone Toilet Bowl Mop

    EZ-Wring Cone Toilet Bowl Mop

    Easy to Transport, Better Performance, Easy-to-Use, Acid Resistant Fiber.

  • Bowl Brushes

    Bowl Brushes

    Durable, Extended Reach, 15.25".

  • Bowl Mop Caddy

    Bowl Mop Caddy

    Easy-to-Use, Easy Storage, Versatile, Durable.

  • Bowl Brush Caddy

    Bowl Brush Caddy

    Easy Storage, Perfect Pair - ideal for use with Tolco Bowl Brush (280102).

  • Industrial Toilet Plunger

    Industrial Toilet Plunger

    Better Performance, Better Sanitation, Plastic Handle with Rubber Cup.