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  • Powder Spray Applicator

    Powder Spray Applicator

    To apply powder to the skin after shaving.

  • Model DSP Drum Siphon Pump

    Model DSP Drum Siphon Pump

    Great Value, One Size Fits Most 15, 30, and 55 gallon drums. Output 5 GPM, 18.9 LPM.

  • Komodo™ Urinal Mat

    Komodo™ Urinal Mat

    Komodo™ Urinal Mat - a Different Breed of Urinal Mat!

  • Door-Buddy™ Doorstop

    Door-Buddy™ Doorstop

    Over the Hinge Door Stop

  • Extension Poles

    Extension Poles

    ACME Threaded and Tapered

  • Cobweb Duster

    Cobweb Duster

    Stiff Bristle Duster

  • Cylinder Bottles “Brush Cleaner”

    Cylinder Bottles “Brush Cleaner”

    4 oz., 8 oz., & 16 oz. sizes available

  • 24 oz. Sanitizer Bottle

    24 oz. Sanitizer Bottle

    Includes Model 160AP™ Trigger Sprayer

  • 24 oz. H<sub>2</sub>O Bottle

    24 oz. H2O Bottle

    with Model 160AP™ Trigger Sprayer

  • EZ Mist™

    EZ Mist™

    Aerosol-type Mist Refillable Bottle

  • Seat Cover Dispenser

    Seat Cover Dispenser

    Universal Fit with Easy Dispensing

  • Valu Maid’s Caddy

    Valu Maid’s Caddy

    Convenience with Less Fatigue