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Toledo, Ohio (September 1, 2019) – Tolco Corporation, a leading manufacturer of innovative product solutions for the Janitorial, Industrial, Food Service, Automotive, Beauty & Barber, Animal Health, and Safety markets, offers four distinct doorstops – Super Door Stop™, Door Buddy ™, ProStop™, and ProStop Jr.™.

Tolco now offers these distinct doorstops to service a variety of door holding needs. Doorstops are in use throughout every facility our distributors service, yet it is an often overlooked item when selling a facility. Frequently we see a variety of items such as bricks or broom handles used to keep doors open and fail to realize these items could be causing damage to the door or creating an unsafe situation. Tolco offers a solution to keep almost any door open.

Super Door Stop™

Tolco’s patented Super Door Stop allows the user to secure any door by placing the Super Door Stop over a hinge, or securing it in the door jam, or using it as a traditional door stop on the floor. The advantage is that you reduce the need to bend over and strain your back, thus diminishing the likelihood of a workman’s comp claim. Super door stop is molded of a soft, yet durable rubber that takes the stress off the hinges and door jamb when holding the door open. It also prevents marring of hard floors and provides better grip on all surfaces when used as a traditional door stop. Super Door Stop provides efficiency and safety where no one was looking.

Product #280173

Door Buddy™

Tolco’s Door-Buddy allows you to keep doors open by simply securing Door Buddy over the center hinge of the door. The ease of use makes it ideal for the hospitality industry where Bellmen and Housekeeping are repeatedly needing to hold doors open temporarily to complete their tasks. The Door-Buddy reduces injury costs due to back strain or improperly secured doors. Though it is small enough to fit in a jacket or pants pocket, a convenient belt clip keeps Door-Buddy readily available.

Product #280225

Pro-Stop™ & Pro-Stop Jr.™

Tolco’s NEW doorstops are a familiar wedge design. Pro-Stop is a “Giant” amongst doorstops. It is over 6” long and 2” tall. The added size allows for superior door holding of commercial doors. The larger footprint also allows for more grip on carpet. Pro-Stop Jr. is small but mighty. It is ideal for office or residential doors.

Product #280281 & #280282

Watch these quick videos:

Super Door Stop™

Door Buddy™


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