Safety Products

  • Assure Safety Glasses

    Assure Safety Glasses

    Maximum Coverage, Comfortable, One Size Fits Most, Durable, ANSI Compliant.

  • Visitor Safety Glasses

    Visitor Safety Glasses

    Low Cost, Oversized, ANSI Compliant.

  • 10-Person First Aid Kit

    10-Person First Aid Kit

    Complies with ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2009 - Minimum requirements for workplace first aid kits and supplies.

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Clean Up Kit in Corrugated Case

    Bloodborne Pathogen Clean Up Kit in Corrugated Case

    OSHA Compliant, Disinfectant, User Protection, Safe for Most Surfaces.

  • Wet Floor Sign

    Wet Floor Sign

    High Visibility, Durable, in English and Spanish - Saves Time and Money.

  • Soakit™ Absorbent

    Soakit™ Absorbent

    Easy-to-Use, Environmentally Friendly, Odor Management, Residue-Free.

  • Anti-Slip Tape

    Anti-Slip Tape

    Adhesive Backed Grit Surface, Simply Cut to Size.

  • Right-to-Know Center

    Right-to-Know Center

    OSHA Compliant, Durable, Holds Everything.