Restroom Supplies

  • Urinal Screens

    Urinal Screens

    Universal Fit, Saves Money.

  • Restroom Floor Mats

    Restroom Floor Mats

    5% Larger than Traditional Products, Increased Grip and Flexibility, ADA Compliant.

  • Valu-Mats


    Saves Money, Protects Floors, Saves Cleaning Time, Long Lasting, Fragrance Free.

  • Clear Choice™ Urinal Deodorizer

    Clear Choice™ Urinal Deodorizer

    10% Larger than leading competitors, Freshens Air Longer, VOC Compliant, Saves Time and Money, Eliminates Odors.

  • Clear Choice™ Toilet Bowl Clip

    Clear Choice™ Toilet Bowl Clip

    Freshens Air Longer, Environmentally Friendly, Watch It Work, Saves Time & Money.

  • Non-Para Block Toilet & Urinal Care

    Non-Para Block Toilet & Urinal Care

    Long Lasting, Environmentally Friendly, Saves Time, Watch It Work.

  • Para Toilet & Urinal Care

    Para Toilet & Urinal Care

    100% Active, Consistent Performance.

  • Clear Choice™ Air Fresheners & Dispenser

    Clear Choice™ Air Fresheners & Dispenser

    Freshens the Air Longer, VOC Compliant, Easy-to-Use.

  • Clear Choice33 Soap Dispenser

    Clear Choice33 Soap Dispenser

    Saves Money, Reduces Waste, Secure, Environmentally Friendly, Safety First, Easy Clean-Up, Versatile, 33 oz / 1000 mL.

  • Clear Choice Soap Dispensers

    Clear Choice Soap Dispensers

    ADA Compliant, Saves Money, Environmentally Friendly, Durable, 50 oz / 1500 mL.

  • Tissue Dispensers

    Tissue Dispensers

    Durable, Versatile, Saves Money, 18 Gauge Chrome.

  • Sanitary Napkin Receptacle & Liners

    Sanitary Napkin Receptacle & Liners

    Improves Safety, Durable, Improves Sanitation.