Floor & Window Accessories

  • Heavy-Duty Swivel Floor Brush

    Heavy-Duty Swivel Floor Brush

    Hard Working, Easy-to-Use, Rotates 360 Degrees.

  • Heavy-Duty Swivel Grout Brush

    Heavy-Duty Swivel Grout Brush

    Precision Cleaning, Easy-to-Use.

  • 9″ Nylon Detail Brush

    9″ Nylon Detail Brush

    Easy Reach, 9" Length.

  • Iron Handle Scrub Brush

    Iron Handle Scrub Brush

    Easy Grip, 6" Length.

  • Plastic Counter Brush

    Plastic Counter Brush

    Durable, Convenient, 13" Length.

  • Plastic Lobby Broom

    Plastic Lobby Broom

    Rugged, Collects More Debris, 8"W x 36"H.

  • Corn Lobby Broom

    Corn Lobby Broom

    Environmentally Friendly, 100% Corn Bristles and Wooden Handle, Durable.

  • ProStop Max

    ProStop Max

    Saves Money, Saves Time, Doesn't Slip.

  • Floor & Window Scrapers & Replacement Blades

    Floor & Window Scrapers & Replacement Blades

    Extended Reach, Extended Usability

  • ProStop™ & ProStop Jr.™ Door Stops

    ProStop™ & ProStop Jr.™ Door Stops

    Industrial Strength - ProStop™ is 2"x6" for heavy doors with high clearance; ProStop Jr.™ is ideal for office or residential…

  • Door-Buddy™ Doorstop

    Door-Buddy™ Doorstop

    Over the Hinge Door Stop

  • Swivel Pad Holder & Kit

    Swivel Pad Holder & Kit

    Industry Standard, Universal Collar, Acme Collar, Ready to Clean.