Cleaning Accessories

  • 10 Quart Medium Duty Bucket

    10 Quart Medium Duty Bucket

    Chemical Resistant, Pouring Spout, Reinforced Upper Lip

  • Economy Extension Pole

    Economy Extension Pole

    Significantly increase your reach - up to 60"

  • Cobweb Duster

    Cobweb Duster

    Stiff Bristle Duster

  • Rubber Utility Hose

    Rubber Utility Hose

    Good Value, Rubber with Brass Fittings, 5/8" x 4'.

  • Hot Water Rubber Hose

    Hot Water Rubber Hose

    Takes the Heat (up to 200° F), Quality Construction.

  • Insulated Hose Nozzle

    Insulated Hose Nozzle

    Increases Safety, Easy-to-Use, Durable, Plastic, Zinc & Brass.

  • Micro-Duster


    Environmentally Friendly, Non-Marring, Variable Lengths.

  • Lamb’s Wool Dusters

    Lamb’s Wool Dusters

    Sized Right, Environmentally Friendly, Long Lasting, Non-Marring.

  • Polywool Dusters & Replacement Head

    Polywool Dusters & Replacement Head

    Non-Allergenic, Convenient Sizes, Attracts Dust, Environmentally Friendly.

  • Ostrich Feather Dusters

    Ostrich Feather Dusters

    Multiple Sizes, Environmentally Friendly, Long Lasting, Non-Static Generating, Portable Size.

  • Mighty Sponge

    Mighty Sponge

    Environmentally Friendly, Tough on Stains, Twice as Nice, Safe on Most Surfaces.

  • Mela-Scrub Sponge

    Mela-Scrub Sponge

    Environmentally Friendly, Tough on Stains, Safe on Most Surfaces.