Komodo™ – A Different Breed of Urinal Mats™


100% Performance
Superior Floor Protection
Superior Odor Control
Superior Durability


Superior Value
47% Average Case Dimension Savings
43% Case Weight Savings
17% Courier Freight Savings


(standard pack: 6 per case)
(Komodo: 1.25" x 10.5" x 18.5")
(competitors: up to 1.75" x 23.25" x 24.25")

Certified High-Traction
National Floor Safety Institute
per the NFSI 101-C Test method


Ultimate Savings
Komodo mats are on average over 36% less expensive than competitors' products

Ultimate Performance
Komodo mats’ proprietary nonwoven material stands up to regular mopping and high traffic use while providing exceptional protection, and odor control by wicking moisture to the surface to allow it to rapidly evaporate

Ultimate Space Savings
Komodo mats’ patent pending design allows for packaging that is on average over 48% smaller than competitors' products allowing for twice the number of units to be warehoused or stored in the same amount of space as traditional urinal mats

Ultimate Ease of Use
From the easy peel, stick, and use installation to the simple removal and disposal, Tolco’s Komodo mat is easier to use than traditional urinal mats

Ultimate Shipping
Komodo mats’ patent pending design allows for packaging that is on average over 43% lighter and over 48% less in dimensional weight (cube) which provides significant savings when shipping via truck or courier

Ultimate Traction
Komodo urinal mats are NFSI Certified as HIGH TRACTION, thus reducing the potential for slips and falls


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