Top PerFOAMer™ & Top Choice™

Tolco's Top PerFOAMer™ & Top Choice™
Top Dispensing Foam & Lotion Soap Dispensers

The Tolco Corporation, a leading manufacturer of innovative product solutions for the Janitorial, Industrial, and Safety markets, is proud to introduce its Top PerFOAMer & Top Choice top dispensing foam and lotion soap dispensers.
Unlike other bulk fill soap dispensers, Tolco’s Top PerFOAMer & Top Choice dispensers dispense soap from the top, not the bottom. This simple change in design allows us to guarantee that our dispensers will not leak. The ADA compliant units offer a unique locking system and replaceable pumps. The replaceable pumps allow the units to be easily converted from lotion to foam or vice versa. The dispensers can be imprinted with the distributor’s or end user’s logo.


Click to learn more about Tolco’s Top PerFOAMer & Top Choice, or call (800) 537-4786 for additional information.

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